LumiScarf Fluo (Luminous Fiber Optic Fabric Scarf)

LumiScarf, Scarf with Optic fiber fabric. An amazing piece of cloth, that will light up your nights and make you shine.

Usually shipped in 5-7 days
Light Color
  • Cold White
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Matrix Green
  • Capri Water
  • Warm White
Power Supply *Mandatory
  • Mini battery CR2032
Usually shipped in 5-7 days

The LumiScarf produces a beautiful and dazzling luminous effect in dim or shadowed areas...

luminous scarf made of fiber optic fabric

length: 160cm (63"); width: 12cm (5")

a small switch allows to control the lighting of the fabric

LEDs lifespan: more than 50 000 hrs.